Nasum – Human 2.0 LP



A1. Mass Hypnosis
A2. A Welcome Breeze Of Stinking Air
A3. Fatal Search
A4. Shadows
A5. Corrosion
A6. Multinational Murderers Network
A7. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
A8. The Black Swarm
A9. Sixteen
A10. Alarm
A11. Detonator
A12. Gargoyles And Grotesques
A13. När Dagarna
B1. Resistance
B2. The Idiot Parade
B3. Den Svarta Fanan
B4. We’re Nothing But Pawns
B5. Defragmentation
B6. Sick System
B7. The Professional League
B8. Old And Tired
B9. Words To Die For
B10. Riot
B11. The Meaningless Trial
B12. Sometimes Dead Is Better

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