Nasum – Inhale/Exhale LP



A1. This Is…
A2. The Masked Face
A3. Digging In
A4. Time To Act!
A5. Disdain And Contempt
A6. I See Lies
A7. Inhale / Exhale
A8. Too Naked To Distort
A9. There’s No Escape
A10. The Rest Is Over
A11. Disappointed
A12. Lägg Om!
A13. You’re Obsolete
A14. Tested
A15. Shapeshifter
A16. Feed Them, Kill Them, Skin Them
A17. When Science Fails
A18. Closing In
A19. The World That You Made
A20. The System Has Failed Again
B1. For What Cause?
B2. Fullmatad
B3. Screwed
B4. Shaping The End
B5. The New Firing-Squad
B6. No Sign Of Improvement
B7. My Philosophy
B8. I’m Not Silent
B9. The Breathing Furnace
B10. Information Is Free
B11. Burning Inside
B12. A Request For Guidance
B13. Grey
B14. Worldcraft
B15. It’s Never Too Late
B16. Du Är Bevakad
B17. Blinded
B18. Can De Lach

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