Nasum – Shift LP



A1. Particles
A2. The Engine Of Death
A3. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Scar
A4. No Paradise For The Damned
A5. Wrath
A6. Fear Is Your Weapon
A7. The Deepest Hole
A8. High On Hate
A9. Pathetic
A10. Circle Of Defeat
A11. Like Cattle
A12. Ros
B1. The Smallest Man
B2. Cornered
B3. Strife
B4. The Clash
B5. Hets
B6. Closer To The End
B7. Fury
B8. Fight Terror With Terror
B9. Ett Inflammerat Sar
B10. Deleted Scenes
B11. Creature
B12. Darkness Falls

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